Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Black Out Chapter 2

Day 4 of the blackout It was dark and stormy I was scared because we had no light and our torches were dead. I layed in my room thinking when would this end. The next morning I woke up my parents were gone I went to my brother and said, “where is mum & dad” and he replied “I don’t know” then I went to my sister but I could not ask because her door was shut that meant she was sleeping so I just went back to my room and layed there and fell asleep.

BOOM!!! I woke up yelled what is happened my brother ran to me and said, “get up and follow me”. so I started to follow then he stopped and I stopped he looked at me and said “it your turn to die” then ran and trapped me into a corner then stabbed me I woke shouting “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! then lucky it was just a dream” ,I said. Mum & dad ran to my room and said, “What going on!!” I replied “it all right, it all right it was just a bad dream”. my brother walked into my room I got scared then ran behind my dad mum looked at and said, “ what wrong johny”
“everything is wrong this should not be happening I was supposed to have the best holiday ever why why this went the best to worst” ,john said

Next time chapter 3: sister can’t take it any more
the boys leave to go find there sister well they mum and dad are gone to are meeting for something important but it is a secret

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