Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Holiday Highlight

Hi, I am going to you about my holiday it was pretty boring.

My holiday started off when I woke up on Saturday it was a refreshing morning I stood up and got ready to eat breakfast I had bacon and eggs with toast. My mum made it for me and my Dad, it was delicious.

Then I went into my brother’s room he was playing games on his PS3 I asked if I could play game with him. We were playing call of duty ghost. as we were playing infected it was funny because I was the first one to be infected and I was next to my brother and I sliced him after that we started getting sick off it because it keeped lagging and glitching so we turn off the and went and watched T.V. I fell asleep.

I woke up at 7:00 and I heard my mum telling me to get up and I said in a sleepy voice “What for” and she replied “because we are going to the laundromat to dry up the washing ” then I said “fine”. When we got there I did nothing but lay down and sleep. I was dreaming about me in a game called call of duty ghost it was the game that I was playing with my brother but i wasn't playing it i was in it I felt nervous. First I had to customize myself. After done all of the steps I got sent in to a game I had to choose I loadout (if you don’t know what a loadout is its where you decide which weapon you are going to pick to fight with) I picked loadout 3. I spawned on the map I was scared then my team appeared but I was stall scared when the game started I went and hid somewhere as I was hiding I glitched onto a high boxes where no one would see me and get.I felt a little happy then a hole appeared it sucked me up after getting sucked up I started to wake up I got angry because I wanted to win the game but it was too late I woke up when I woke up it was my mum waking me up because we were at home.The End

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