Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tevita Superhero Creative Writing

He grew up in a poor neighbourhood. He always got bullied by three boys when walking home from school. His name was Luke Anderson.

One day he as he was coming home the three boys saw him. They were picking on him. Then something strange happened, he started to fight back. Then he teleported into a library. He was freaking out. He did not know he had powers and didn’t want to tell anyone about them. He sat there thinking about his new powers.

The three boys told the police that he had disappeared but no one believed them. Then one weird professor showed up at the police station. The professor said “did you say that you saw a boy teleport?” One of the boys said “yes, why?” The professor said “just follow me.“

They went into a dark tunnel. The three boys were scared. Then it got darker and darker until it was pitch black. He turned on the light. It was full of evil stuff. It was the professor’s lab. The professor give them super evil powers and sent them on the way.

They found him sitting on his bed. They super boost into the window. Luke saw them and ran. When he ran he was super fast. He teleported behind them and did his special move. He didn’t know what he was doing but then he started teleporting everywhere and was kicking and punching. All of a sudden the three bullies batteries that gave them power died. They fell from the sky into a garbage can.

The police were called to come and pick up the trash. The three boys were taken to jail and Luke Anderson lived became Lone wolf the super hero.


  1. Tevita
    I really enjoyed this piece of creative narrative writing. You've paragraphed really well, nice and clearly. I think its impressive you've made such a positive use of punctuation and used language features clearly. I like how the story had excitement in it from your writing and I liked how the ending led me to think more about the characters and what happened to them next.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

  2. Nice work Tevita. You have such creative ideas, keep pushing yourself to get your work finished. It is awesome!