Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Black Out Chapter 1

Hi my name is john west I live in G.I which stands for Glenn Innes which is in Auckland. It was the last day of school I was thinking in my head what should I do in the holidays. I got too excited that I yelled “YES!!” everyone looked at me strange then my teacher mr somerville he was an annoying and who kept speaking and speaking he said, “What, who said that” and everyone replied, “It was John” and then Mr replied, “John you are staying in for 5 minutes and if you talk back and extra 5”.After School I stayed inside because I had to own my minutes when I was done he was saying something I couldn’t hear because I was still daydreaming about what should I do in the holidays but I heard some of it he said, “it is coming soon” I was thinking is he crazy or what. then he looked at me and said, “you can go now”. when I left I was scared then I thought what is coming soon.

Two days later that when it came. When I woke up I saw my brother he was in the sitting room and I was thinking thats strange he is usually at work with my dad he turned to me and said, “the city powers off”. I thought he was lying so I went turned the t.v. on and it didn’t worked so it was true. Man I was angry I really was looking forward to playing game. My mum told me to play cards with my sister and brother so I did when we were playing in the sitting It was soo boring. I looked at the t.v. and it turned on then I yelled “THE POWERS BACK ON” my brother Josh raced to his room and played on his ps3 I ask if I could and he said, “ I ain't going to play i'm going to watch videos”. After like 20 minutes the power turned back off my brother got angry that he punched the wall then we turn back to playing cards.

The Next day see what happens would the powers turn back on and stay on or would it stay off for ever.

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